Complex Marketing

W-studio realizes programs of complex advertising and integrated marketing for dynamic development of companies in the sphere of business.

In order to increase the efficiency, we propose to arrange target advertising campaigns. Depending on the tasks set W-studio achieves growth of profits, creation of the proper image and recognizability of the trademark.

W-studio creatively approaches the advertising problems. Therefore, the advertisements created in our shop reach proper public, cause proper emotions and actions of potential clients.

W-studio is proud of its creative potential!

What do we do?

To arrange successful advertising campaigns, we:

define objectives and market segment;

analyze competing companies;

select the marketing strategy and method of influence on the potential audience;

select advertising means;

create advertising products.

One of the main advertising purposes is the product positioning, determination of the segment and finding methods of influence.

Setting the advertising objectives (trademark acquaintance, creation of the corporative image, generation of relations, encouragement of the trial purchase, creation of permanent followers of the brand).

Creative approach: after objectives and marketing tasks are clearly formulated, the ideas of advertising implementation - the most complicated and labour consuming stage of the advertising creation process - are being developed.

In the process of the advertisement creation we test the perception, understanding, remembering, persuasiveness of advertising messages, connection between the style of the trademark and products to be proposed.

Timely and proper planning, making alterations in the marketing program promotes to the increase of efficiency of advertising campaigns and resources saving.

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Creation of the Trademark Value

The value of the trademark consists of many components: quality reputation and considerable information about the trademark, associations arising with the trademark name, logo, requisites, goods packing.

For the company the trademark with clear specific features creates the value which may be turned into the capital with marketing efforts (for example, increasing the goods output with lower expenditures) as well as the prestige of the trademark, having real financial value. When creating individual features of a trademark we take into account the objective segment of consumers and understanding of the fact what reaction the individuality of the trademark will cause.

Therefore, it is especially important to approach the process of advertisement creation creatively, determine the most profitable means of information distribution. And, hence, it means to save money for achievement of proper goals.

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