Corporative Style, Trademark Creation

W-studio works out required requisites of the company image and of the company trademark.

The company image and recognizability of the trademark are the beginning of the successful business. Therefore, W-studio tries to solve these problems especially carefully. The correct style helps to promote the goods on the market. Begin from the main things!

Main components:

Name of the company/trademark - development of the name which may be easily remembered, which reflects the kind of activities or causes characteristic associations with the products.

If the company is engaged in the international activities, the name will be checked for the unambiguous treatment in other languages.

Motto of the company - additional element of the image, a phrase correctly constructed helps to single out the trademark among a number of the competitors, construct an advertising campaign, encourage demand;

Logotype, trademark - highly artistic creation of the company symbols, emphasizing the style and activities.

When creating a logotype we take into account technical peculiarities of the further use. Your symbols will look fine both on printed products and on the video facilities, in large and in small dimensions.

Firm’s form - basis of the company documentation.

Advertising printed products: cards, business-pack (file+press-release+price-list), calendars, discount coupons …;


How we work …

W-studio proposes creative ideas and concepts of execution, technical implementation, coordination and selection of the most successful variant, correction, presentation of finished products.

We can begin work at your style already today!

… if you have the firm style, complex marketing will be useful for you

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