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The team of W-studio professionals proposes you services for dynamic development of your business.

Specialists of W-studio develop a complex of measures for efficient fulfillment of marketing and advertising tasks to be aimed at creation of the necessary image of the company and encouragement of the demand for products.

For the last decades the level of competition and aggressiveness of advertising companies have grown up to such an extent that it is difficult to support interest to a certain product, trademark and level of sales. Therefore, particularly acute is the question of efficient use of resources for advertising.

W-studio will realize the following programs for successful marketing:

Corporative Style   

Creation of the corporative style and trademark:
- name of the company/mark;
- slogan;
- logotype and symbols;
- printed products (cards, forms…).

High quality polygraphy.

Complex Marketing   

Development of creative ideas, creation of advertising products, printed mock-ups, selection of proper mass media, publishing.

Advertising testing at all stages of development and creation.


W-studio proposes a complex approach to creation of advertisements in the Internet:

- web-design;
- Internet-promotion;
- hosting;
- specialized advertising campaigns.

Presentation CDs   

… modern means for products demonstration.

The presentation is created, recorded on the disk, the picture is recorded on the disk with the design of the firm’s cover. The disk and the cover will be packed in a case and cellophane film. You will receive the finished product.


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