Presentation CDs

Presentation CD-disk is a modern means of work with clients!

The presentation recorded on a disk enables to quickly and easily acquaint the client with your activities, obtain complete information about the products and their characteristics, create the company image, understand the seriousness of intentions on cooperation.

As different from polygraphic products permanently being accumulated and finally being thrown away, the presentation CD-disk will be always at the working place of the client, it will remind of you.

The presentation increases the efficiency of work, makes the work of managers and personnel easier.

How a corporative CD-disk can be created:

controllable presentation will be created; there may be various modes of reproduction:
acquaintance mode - the client may chose sections he is interested in (as on the site);
exhibition mode - the presentation is cyclically repeated;

presentation recording on a disk;

image recording on the disk;

creation of the firm’s cover;

packing - the disk and the cover are packed in a box and sealed in the cellophane film.

You receive the finished product for work enabling to work at a new, successfully qualitative level.

You may get acquainted with the Internet-version of company “Ratibor” presentation

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